Research & Development
Ranging from savoury, coatings, functional, to dried vegetables. Powder mixtures are developed, improved, or matched in close consultation with the food manufacturer.
Over 600 raw materials are currently being managed and applied, including herbs, spices, flavour powders, broth powders, functional ingredients and dried vegetables.

The specialist at producing powder blends

Cublend is the leading expert at producing powder blends for the food industry. The recipes remain the property of the food manufacturer or are developed with care by the Cublend R&D department.



Partnership Denico & Cublend

In close cooperation with Denico food ingredients, Cublend serves various regions of the world, Cublend is mainly active in the Benelux and central/southern Europe. Denico food ingredients focuses on the regions Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia. For more information please visit