Research & Development
Ranging from savoury, coatings, functional, to dried vegetables. Powder mixtures are developed, improved, or matched in close consultation with the food manufacturer.
Over 500 raw materials are currently being managed and applied, including herbs, spices, flavour powders, broth powders, functional ingredients and dried vegetables.

Blending and packaging powders according to your recipe

Cublend is a company with over 35 years of experience in the area of powder production for the food industry.

We preside over advanced software systems that we implement for the planning, the weighing kitchen and the blend/packaging facilities. The handling of raw materials and the production of blends are organised for optimal efficiency.

We blend and offer customised packaging based on the batch size that you need.

We offer complete logistics and production services for your blend recipe.

Purchase of ingredients

Thanks to our years of knowledge and experience combined with an expansive network of high-quality raw material suppliers, Cublend is capable in highly competitive purchasing.

However, if you prefer, Cublend can also purchase the ingredients you need for your recipe from you or your supplier(s).